The Dream of Man

beyond-reachExploring space has been the dream of man. Since ancient times, man has been exploring areas all over the world. We had ships before, sailing the vast ocean, challenging the huge tides, and eventually arriving at our destination. We do this because it has been the thirst of knowledge that drives us to this expedition. We have been doing the same thing since the old days, and I guarantee that we will still do the same in the future.

When the map of our world has been filled, exploration became much more challenging. We begin to explore not only the remaining unknown lands above the ocean, but also what’s beneath it. However, exploring deep sea proves to be more difficult than anticipated. There are so many elements we have yet to understand before diving deep and exploring the ocean floors. While we are discovering safe ways to explore what is beneath us, scientist showed results that exploring what’s above may be more doable at the moment. A simple person just like myself can only dream about going to outer space, but for now I’ll stick to what I know what to do and that is posting bails for people to get them out of jail.

We began exploring space by sending unmanned vehicles. Unmanned missions sent to space are still being done until today, in fact, manned missions takes quite a lot of preparations before actually initiating the program. The first manned mission, named as Apollo 1, never launched due to an accident on the command module. A fire erupted, destroying the module and killing the astronauts. The first manned flight in Earth orbit was Apollo 7. Apollo 8 was the first manned mission where the crew was able to see the far side of the Moon and the beautiful view of Earth over the lunar horizon.

Over the years, there has been many manned flight to space, but what’s quite popular all over the world is the famous Apollo 13 mission. What makes it so popular? Why has the mission permanently earned a position in history and will continue to be famous all throughout the years? This is because Apollo 13 was to be the third lunar landing attempt. However, due to rupture of service module oxygen tank, the mission was aborted. NASA called an immediate abortion of the mission.

Learning about the failure of the mission certainly questions us why it’s famous. This was because of the successful rescue of the crew, which gained immeasurable experience that will certainly aid future astronauts and missions. What also makes this mission quite popular is the involvement of the famous astronaut, Neil Armstrong, the first person to walk on the moon, forever placing his name in the pages of history.

Over the years, there were many trials and failures, but man is determined for success. If today does not work out, tomorrow we will be successful. Man has always this wonderful weapon called hope. We strive for improvement regardless of all the obstacles placed on our path. We will soar towards the exploration of space, even if it will take us 200 years to accomplish even a single outstanding result. Space exploration has always been the romance of human kind.

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