Future missions under development

Satellite Navigation

To reach the places that have not been explored as yet.

Telecommunications Satellites

Satellites up there to improve your networking experience down here.

Human spaceflight

To facilitate and promote extensive space research.

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A Step Towards Space

Success and failure has always been the cycle for progress. Without failure, we find ourselves unaware of other possibilities. We also accidentally discover new concepts through failure. By learning through our mistake, we are pushed to even greater success than what we originally aimed…


An Overview To Electricians

By definition, electricians are experts that take on the electric systems on the whole which includes maintenance and set up. This’s regarded as a rewarding career due to the fact that the need for electricians is pretty substantial. Nevertheless, the duties linked with this…

iPhone Repairs for Your iPhone Issues

The iPhone is a smartphone produced by Apple. The very first iPhone was launched in June 2007 plus an updated version is released about every season since then. Still with all of the functions there sometimes arises the demand for phone repairs. What’s an…

Ant-stronauts In Space

Did you know that there were “Ant-stronauts”?  Yes, Ant Astronauts! I was so amazed when I found out that this humble creature has already reached space. The ants were on board of the International Space Station (ISS) as part of the Ants in Space…

The Dream of Man

Exploring space has been the dream of man. Since ancient times, man has been exploring areas all over the world. We had ships before, sailing the vast ocean, challenging the huge tides, and eventually arriving at our destination. We do this because it has…