Top Mysteries in the Universe

We are filled with spooky ideas on how the world is filled with unsolved mysteries. We all might be familiar with ghosts, ghouls and other eerie things in the world but there are some unsolved mysteries in the universe too. The way things happen in our world depend on how a lot of unseen forces happen in the universe. From dark matter to other strange things to explore in the universe. In this article we have discusses about some of the unsolved mysteries in the universe.

Dark Matter:

All we know about the universe is the stars and the planets which revolve around the earth. All these consist only about 5% of the entire universe. Scientist believes that there is something called the dark matter which is about 25% of the universe and no one really knows that is made up of. Researchers say that we cannot see dark matter, but they are pretty sure that it is existent as everything moves in its gravitational tune.

Scientists and other space researchers believe that the dark matter acts like a spider which holds all the universe together. There is so much evidence that dark matter exists but no one is quite sure that dark matter is really made up of or what it really means. Some scientists believe that dark matter is made up of particles which are still yet undiscovered while others believe that dark matter is the result of gravitational force. Dark matter still remains a mystery which needs to be solved.

Dark Energy:

If dark matter makes about 25% of the universe, then what does the rest of the universe made up of? Scientists believe that the rest 75% of the universe is made up of dark energy which has the energy to tear apart the entire universe. We know that dark matter is what acts like a spider web and holds everything together, dark energy is something which tears apart everything. Now the question which arises is, where the dark energy absorbs so much energy to tear up the entire universe. Some believe that it is the result of the quantum particles getting collided with each other but there is no proof of that, and no one really knows what happens or where so much energy is derived.


Think that you are in a strange world where everything is upside down. What you consider is black will be white, what is up will be down and what you consider as the matter will be considered as antimatter. It is said that the subatomic particles which exist around us all have twins. All these twins are said to have the same mass as other particles, but it will have the opposite charge.