Amazing Human Achievements

out-of-this-worldSpace is quite a mystery. So many possibilities lies out there. Even conspiracy theorist has so many things to say. Are we the only one in this vast universe? Does an intelligent being greater than human kind exists? Are we able to achieve exploring deep space?

Our ancestors have explored lands and some even successfully colonized uncharted lands. What’s to say we cannot do the same to space? With the proper technology, we can do anything. What we hope to achieve will depend on the assistance of others. With the aid of the greatest mind, we can reach even the deepest area of space.

We have so many questions, one of them is the question whether an intelligent being outside out planet exists. We cannot deny it or accept that these beings exists. We just do not have enough data to answer such questions. In time, an answer will certainly come out, and with patience and perseverance will we be able to receive the outcome.

What can be answered today is the possibility of exploring space. We have achieved going to the Moon. In time, we will be able to reach other planets and perhaps, in a hundred years, we might have the capabilities to explore other galaxies. With our powerful telescopes, we can see that other planets exists. Whether there’s intelligent life on observed planets is still under observation as we cannot tell the answer yet.

I believe that we are not the only one in the vast universe though. Scientist also speculates that living organisms may exist on Jupiter’s icy Moon, Europa. What more can be said to other planets or Moons outside our scope of observation? It may be safe to safe that the possibility of living organisms exists, but intelligent beings might be questionable, since there’s a possibility that humans are the first intelligent beings to exist in the universe.

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We can look for ourselves by voyaging through space, or looking back in the past for any information regarding such beings, however we will eventually figure it out in time. The most important and achievable goal at this time is to further improve our capabilities to explore space. We have trained astronauts for the missions to go to space and great scientist to improve our technology.

In time, we will reach a technological feat that will allow us to reach our goals of space exploration, and perhaps even more. The speed of technological improvement is quite in an alarming rate. We may even be able to achieve great feats in less than a century. Questions that have been asked in the past, which we are unable to answer at the moment, may be answered in a hundred years or less. Colonizing other planets, and terraforming it to living human conditions may be achievable as well. Exploring outer space, may prove be sooner than expected. Humans have gained success beyond our imagination. People from the past will certainly be shocked at our current achievements, and I’m sure our generation, will too.

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