All About Heart Pine Flooring


Although “Heart Pine flooring” is an explanation that is used commonly to describe a floor that is frequently connected with antique & reclaimed wood, a great deal of misunderstanding prevails. While flooring of Antique Heart Pine is a respected option of builders for hundreds of years, not many individuals understand the range in the classifications of pine, as well as explanations, may be confusing when purchasing Heart Pine Flooring now.

So precisely what can it be and what is the big difference between Antique Heart Pine, “New” HeartPine as well as regular pine?

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Where Does Heart Pine Originate from?

To begin with, all wood species include “heartwood,” not simply pine, but that is exactly where most misunderstanding begins.

FlooringIt’s probably the innermost of four layers in the cross area of a tree:

The very first level is Bark, the second will be the Cambium (typically a small green level under the bark), the 3rd is the Sapwood, or cultivating area within the tree that is very prone to decay, and the 4th nearly all internal level will be the “heartwood,” which is really not a living tree part though far more reluctant to decay, and typically much darker in tone.

But all “heartwood” isn’t equal, particularly when we are discussing “Pine” heartwood. With prices ranging from four dollars – fifteen dollars per sq. ft. for Antique Reclaimed, you would best be certain you understand what you’re buying.

Just realize that simply because pine originates from a well-used structure or maybe is pulled from a river, which does not help make it “HeartPine.” But what’s described as “heart pine” doesn’t need to be reclaimed or hundreds of years old either. Many pines have community names plus most wood dealers are going to use the pine brand which they think will sell their product or service. You might listen to it referred to as Southern Yellow Pine, Antique Yellow Pine, or perhaps merely Heart Pine. It can easily function as the “heartwood” of virtually any of a selection of pines and must be properly called “New” Heart Pine.

The pine wood that is most prized, what we reference right here as Antique Heart Pine, previously called “The King’s Pine” if this nation was still run by England, is particularly the Longleaf pine that increased in the southeast, was notoriously slow growing, moreover the 300 500 yr old trees have been for probably the most part avoided by overharvesting by 1910. Some 3rd and 2nd generation growth may remain cut these days, but there is simply not much heart going after since the trees have not had the time to get extremely large. The virgin stands of cardiovascular pine are gone forever along with the wood from them may be recovered exclusively from older buildings, factories & homes built more than a hundred years ago which are currently being deconstructed.


Whether more beautiful plus simple is a difficult question to ask. It is in addition among probably the most durable wood floors offered, rivaled only by white oak, along with a floor whose tight grain patterns and also heavy hued coloration gets bigger richer in color as it ages and also will continue to add worth and beauty to houses graced with this really special reclaimed wood. It is also”green” building information, there are usually stories connected with it, and its stability, strength, and quality have been wanted after by craftsmen for decades.


When you are paying four dollars – $15/sq. ft., it is surely a disadvantage if there is some anxiety about the item you are really having to pay for. Especially when selecting better quality Antique Heart Pine Floor, you will need be sure your provider is as informed as he would like you to believe he’s.

Heart Pine Flooring in Homes

For more than 200 years, heartpine continues to be utilized as a durable, long-lasting building material in structures and homes. The longleaf pine was the virgin development tree of preference along the lower elevations from Maryland to Texas. Slaves with pit saws, and also with water driven sawmills in later yrs, really helped early Americans use this termite and rot proof creating content within their houses.

Longleaf pine was an incredibly crucial component of the Industrial Revolution. Due to their remarkable strength, timbers can easily span twenty-five feet distances and also hold up heavy heart pine floors which supported the buildings devices. Nowadays, most of those mills and factories are in poor form, in case they’re currently standing at all. They’re currently being torn down, however, in most instances, the heart pine is reclaimed and reused for gorgeous flooring, cabinets, doors, stair parts, and even millwork in good homes being built as well as renovated now. Wood Flooring in general makes your home look stunning. But what is the real deal between hardwood and laminated flooring? Read more onĀ hardwood vs laminate flooring.