A Step Towards Space

Success and failure has always been the cycle for progress. Without failure, we find ourselves unaware of other possibilities. We also accidentally discover new concepts through failure. By learning through our mistake, we are pushed to even greater success than what we originally aimed for. In space, so many things can go wrong. Space does not cooperate at all to our understanding.

Apollo 13 was a manned mission set to land on the moon. It was a failure due to an oxygen tank explosion. It was also labeled a success by retrieving the crew safely. This mission, did not achieve its goal to land on the moon, but instead provided experience on successfully rescuing the crew. This is actually quite a success for future astronaut’s safety.

Even if we experience failure, we still strive to achieve our goal by doing better when the next opportunity comes. We continue to learn, both from success and also from failure. To the successful missions, we further improve ourselves without completely deriving from the actions done to make the mission a success. We also apply what we have learned from our failure, thus further improving the chances of success.

Humans have always gone to greater lengths to achieve ones goal, even to the expense of our safety. This thought has divided some scholars as we also value the safety of the crew, rather than achieving the goal. Of course, without any second thoughts, I agree with prioritizing the safety of the crew above anything else. Just as air force pilots are more important than their planes, I also view the same idea towards astronauts. Life is certainly more important.


Some scholars also had this thought, why not obtain both? Certainly, with prioritizing the safety of the crew, we lose the possibility of achieving the goal. However, if we view the goal as something else, such as obtaining the most possible way to rescue our crew from the peril of space, then we certainly achieved that wonderful goal. We can also view as the original goal as not a failure, but consider the incident as a preview for the next time the mission will be launched… this time, having perfected the previous scenario, totally grabbing our goal.

I believe that man can achieve anything, with determination and perseverance. We will further improve ourselves and reach greater feats than what we have in mind. Exploring space will further improve. Right now, we are getting better at reaching the Moon. Exploring other planets may prove to be a possibility in the near future, Mars being the first one. Soon, we will reach further out into space, going to other planets and perhaps also their Moon(s).

When we stop, we halt our progress. If we just start, even back from scratch, progress will be made. It may take us more time to achieve space exploration. However, I believe with applying what we have done in the past to make the mission a success along with our failure, our goal is just a step away.