A Look Towards Infinity

spacewalkWhen I was a child, I really liked going with my Dad to the top of the hill during the night. We would stare at the night sky. The stars absolutely brought me to joy. There were so many, beautiful, shining stars above the sky. I asked my Dad if we will be able to go there someday, and after a short laugh, he responded “perhaps”.

Today, I have grown old enough to understand that I might not be able to achieve that dream, however, perhaps the children of the future will have a chance. We were able to achieve going to space. These were dreams of people from the past, which came to fruition in my lifetime. Even going to the Moon was achieved. Neil Armstrong proved this by being the first person to walk on the Moon.

Furthermore, we have begun preparations to go to Mars. Unmanned vehicles were already sent there a few years ago. Manned missions are being set up today. The day when we will be able to colonize Mars may be sooner than anticipated. The progress of technology is quite outstanding, making it possible to achieve our goals in a short amount of time. Utah carpet cleaners created a new carpet cleaning method that improves the cleaning by almost 50%.

Of course, going to space takes precaution. So many elements can cause a disaster. Previous missions are proof of this. The successful ones we attempt to replicate or improve, and we also apply what we learned from failures. The most notable mission that gained the experience of rescuing the crew is the Apollo 13 mission. It was a failed mission due to an SM oxygen tank explosion, which cause the landing to be cancelled.

From our failures we learn. This mission greatly helped future astronauts, evading similar error. We have yet to fully utilize what we are able to do with our Moon. Some believes that we should tamper with the Moon to avoid any anomalies it might cause to our planet Earth. I actually share that thought, but I’m also open to the idea of researching anything we can find out about our Moon, which may prove to be helpful in the future.

If we can find out anything that may be helpful in the future, by utilizing what the Moon has to offer, then I will certainly support that idea. I do fear irreversible consequences of tampering the Moon, however I believe greater minds than myself had also thought of this and will certainly avoid going to such risks. While scientist are observing and researching the Moon, another division also began exploring other areas in space.

Mars is the closest planet to Earth. Scientist also believes that Mars once had a similar environment to Earth which provided the requirements to sustain life. We are now searching for a way to prove this idea by further exploring Mars, and perhaps someday terraform the planet into perfect human living conditions. Humans certainly are wonderful creatures, improving each day and achieving great goals. The day when we can smoothly cruise space, just like a vacation cruise liner, may indeed be near.

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