Space Travel and its Contribution to Pesticide!?

So I just read an article and the contribution of space travel to pesticide, yes pesticide. I won’t spoil you and will be linking you to the article by the end of my little article, but it’s surprising how far humanity has come and at the same time how great technological achievements have also contributed to the everyday life of people. I am certain that the need to make the contribution to pesticide development was because of the inability of the guys in NASA to just call a Pest Control Company Jackson to clean out something as sensitive as space capsules and shuttles.

This isn’t exactly the first time space technology contributed to everyday life if you do a little research everything that made space travel possible went to commercial technology just right after they made it. This is to be expected from an organization that tries to be as transparent to the public as possible, a rare trait for a government organization to have, though they might have not exactly disclosed everything (cue X-files theme).

It’s good to know that there are technological achievements made for the purpose of space travel now being used practically. Most of the time the question of “why waste money going to space?” pops up, we could only answer something about it being the “final frontier.” This though true and cool, may be not a good enough reason to some people who argue that we have problems here on earth yet to solve.