A look Into Man’s Curiosity

Curiosity has always led man either to lunacy or greatness. With the right questions to the right people, one will arrive at the desired answers. If you ask a question, recognized by today’s common sense as foolish, you will either be ignored or ridiculed. Only a few individual would actually lend an ear to you. Ultimately, you will be set aside and probably be forgotten in time.

In the old days, majority of the people of Earth believed the world was flat. Galileo Galilei, proposed that the Earth was not flat, but indeed a sphere. How did the people respond to him? According to history, he was obliged to abjure his error and declared the world remain flat. When someone threatens the belief of the majority, this is what usually will occur. In time, however, Galileo’s ideas prevailed and the Earth became a globe.


When we lack the necessary technology to provide proof of our ideas, people will generally dismiss our thoughts without a second thought. Sometime in the past, another person said that human is capable of going out to space. Of course, he was also viewed unfavorably due to common beliefs at that time. Today, however, so many people are surprised at the feat what humans can do with perseverance. This invited many to express their beliefs as well.

Today, we view people that believe there are intelligent beings outside our planet, quite unfavorable as well. We cannot help but replicate what the majority did in the past, due to insufficient proof. I also have second thoughts about this, but I decided to let the people of the future to settle this and focus on what can be achieved at the moment. Going to space was thought to be impossible, but now we have so many satellites up there.


Going to the Moon became possible. We arranged missions to achieve this. There were many simulations done before sending a manned mission to space. We have experience several failures, however we still persevere and continue to find ways to go to the Moon. When we achieved this, we celebrated so much of what we can do. Today, we are sending unmanned missions to Mars and are arranging the possibility of sending a manned mission in the future.

As my electrician friend always says – he sees that we will also achieve our goals eventually. Just as our ancestors have explored uncharted areas in the past and colonized those lands, we will eventually do the same to space. Colonizing space may take quite a while to achieve, but we do each steps carefully, learning from our past mistakes and generating the best possible outcome from research and tireless simulations. Exploring space is quite a wonderful voyage. We experience so many new things each day, surprising even the top scientist to even the most little details.

We sent out unmanned vehicles first, to assure the safety of exploration. Space is certainly different from our comfortable Earth, however we still walk towards it, because space is just that interesting.